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Quality is our priority

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is related to the human resource that is its foundation. It is the human resources that play a superior role in the use of machines, quality control, enrichment and supplementation of the production process, generation of ideas, and finally in contacts between the firm and the customer. Competence, creativity, work, honesty, or a professional approach to the customer has become our firm’s characteristic features.

This document is also a declaration of compliance with our activity regarding the quality of our products.

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Quality Policy

It is not possible to obtain the highest quality at a low price. Therefore, the quality policy of TADEX s.c. is to meet the quality requirements of our clients while maintaining the optimal price, which guarantees stability and an established market position.

We implement quality policy by:

  • identification of customers' needs in order to deliver products that fully meet their requirements,
  • modernization of technology to adapt to the needs of developing technology,
  • improving employee qualifications,
  • active participation of management and employees in achieving quality objectives,
  • monitoring and improving processes that guarantee the quality of products and services offered by ensuring the quality of individual elements of processes.

Quality policy TADEX s.c. is a declaration to increase efforts in all areas of activity in order to improve the quality of products.

Every employee of TADEX s.c. knows and respects the assumptions of our policy and strives to develop a quality management system.

I declare my personal commitment to work on maintaining and continuously improving the effectiveness of QMS, allocating the necessary resources to implement the adopted Quality Policy, and meeting legal and other requirements.

Częstochowa 28.08.2012

Robert Piłat

Damian Piłat

Kamil Piłat

Quality certificates

The confirmation of our efforts in the field of quality improvement is the certificate that since January 3, 2013, the quality management system introduced by us complies with the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 - lang PL PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 - lang EN PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 - lang DE

Measurement laboratory

We have a well-equipped control and measurement facility, which is constantly growing thanks to new and more complex projects.

In our measuring laboratory there are, among others, such instruments and measuring machines as

Smart Scope 300

Multi-sensor measuring machine MVP Sprint 300

Smart Scope 200

Multi-sensory measuring machine optical-contact OGP Smart Scope 200

Keyence IM-6225

OOptical measuring machine Keyence IM-6225

Trimos V1000+

Trimos V1000 + altimeter

Czujnik zegarowy

Digital dial indicators




Mitutoyo digital micrometers

Suwmiarka cyfrowa

Digital calipers from Mitutoyo with measurement registration

Sprawdzian do gwintu

Thread gauges


Mitutoyo surface roughness gauge

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Piotr Sikora - Commercial Specialist

Piotr Sikora

Commercial Specialist


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Marcin Cygan

Commercial Specialist


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Katarzyna Kałuża

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